The "Financial Analyst - Service" Company was based in 1997 by the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts and the Kiev Institute of Investment Management for the managing of professional conferences, seminars and round tables on financial themes. Nowdays the company successfully works in the sectors of pharmaceutics, real estate, informational technologies and e-business, agriculture.

The basic activity direction of the "Financial Analyst - Service" company is the organization of:

  • professional conferences, seminars, round tables
  • annual international Forums: "Ukrainian Capital Market", "Risk Management Forum", "Biopharmforum", "Financial Director Forum"
  • managed events: corporate presentations, securities issue presentaiton, new products and technologies presentation

And also:

  • analytical and information reviews of industries and markets
  • marketing service: direct mail, database management, telemarketing

The company events themes in 2002:

  • banking development
  • insurance market
  • risk management
  • development of the collective investment industry
  • securities market
  • e-business and informational technologies development
  • real estate management and finance
  • pharmaceutical sector development
  • agriculture finance

We trust that our products and services will support progress in your business, and promote professional growth of your company experts!

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